QHHT Testimonials and Amazing Stories.

Below you'll read some of the kind words my past clients have shared about my practice. I believe it is inside you to have a great QHHT experience, I am just there to guide you along. 


G. D.

My QHHT sessions was a life changing experience . It answered my deep questions and helped me to trust my inner self . Margaret was kind and compassionate and I felt safe to open my heart .

MIchele c.

I believe we are each brought directly to whatever it is we desire . The path to my first QHHT session looked in hindsight like I followed a plan . Although in “real time” its manifestation appeared straight out of the blue . If you are here now reading this , then you to have been called . Your highest self is ready to show you what you need to know to take the next step .

As for my session , I saw a theme that ran through the past lives that I glimpsed . I was totally aware and conscious of my words . I have direct memories of the event , and when I listened to the recording that Margaret sent me ( and so quickly! ) , I again saw the vivid flashes of the scenes presented to me . The theme that ran through everything is the theme of my current life . I have consistently been the keeper of secrets kept only to protect those who chose their own well being over any harm ( physical or emotional) that came to me .

As a result of this , I see now that there is no need to tell the secrets of the past ; however , I now have the knowledge that has freed me from the pain of those relationships , and has also given me the tools that will keep me from repeating this pattern in future lives .

If you are interested in a QHHT session , I recommend Margaret Pearce . She is gentle , kind , accepting and knowledgeable . Enjoy your journey . I hope that you will also learn things that help you recognize and ultimately drop the patterns that hold you back .